bariton – °72

Bart is musician, actor, event organizer and poet. For years now he’s the creative mastermind behind the succes of Les Voix Perdues. His musical background, after he completed his musical education, lays within pop and rock music, as he played keys for a number of Flemish rockformations. Today, he’s a Les Voix Perdues man, and together with Dirk Wyns, he ‘s organizing PR, director of shows and visual projects, arranging most of the music and doing press contacts. He also is founder of Mudlines Events, a collective of artists who work within the range of the Great War, in the field of theater, music and event organizing…


tenor – °69

During whole of his life he has been active in a variety of choirs. Out of Frappant (a solidarity choir) he founded Les Voix Perdues. To him, singing means ‘recharching the batteries’ and singing together means an adventurous search for a harmonic blend. Without a specific music taste, he’s a dedicated admirer of guitars in all forms.


eerste tenor – °66

As a boy, he was an active member of the Sint -Lievenschoir and followed music courses. He participated in several musicals, both as singer and actor. Together with Hugo, he formed the duo “puur en ademloos”, a musical combination of flute and violin (instrumental), bass and tenor (voices) and was resident violin player for Frappant. Nowadays he sings tenor at Klankjorum, who operate from Linkeroever and plays first violin at the Flemish Symphonic Orchestra. His music taste is primary close harmony, especially the songs by CBS, gospel and French chanson.


bas – °59

Gripped by music early in his life. His musical education focused around the flute and piano. Later on he got interested in choral music. As conductor and musician het was active in Frappant, where he was first bass in Klankjorum, as well as with Les Voix Perdues. Musical influences are Bach, Tsjaikowsky and Debussy, but also worldmusic and the energetic music of Adiemus. Last but not least, het’s Les Voix Perdues man of the money…

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