CD: This Blasted War / Stomme Oorlog

After 15 years of hard work, we went into the studio with a fine selection of our WW1-songs. 12 songs that represent a wide variation of impressions and emotional feeling about the live, in all it’s horror and happiness, of soldiers.

Our favorites?

  • Attack is a powerfull song, witth a vocal arrangement that lifts up the original song by Les Enfants de l’Yser.
  • Also In Flanders’ Fields and Quand Madelon are dear to us, because of the pleasent and powerfull lyrics.
  • Suicide In Trenches is a composition of Bart, on a poem by Sassoon.
Kristien Vercammen (vocal coach), Daniel Bal (soundengineer and producer), Rafael Van Assche & Frank Van Bogaert (soundengineer) were our partners-in-crime when we took on recording at Quest4 Studio and ACE Studios.
We choose to record our songs naturally, without the tricks and postproductional engineering, with the main focus on blending and harmony. So now a close listen to the CD is as good as a live experience.

You can buy the CD after a concert, order it by clicking on the ‘ORDER’-button below or download it from iTunes, Spotify or Deezer.

This Blasted War / Stomme Oorlog - Les Voix Perdues
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